Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

Soap Dishes, Soap Saver Bags, Loofah, organic towels and more.



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Travel soap box (blue) Travel soap box (blue; side view)
Convenient Eco-friendly Travel Soap Box
Sale price€12,90

2 colors available

The modern soap dish (top view) The modern soap dish (with soap)
The Modern Soap Dish
Sale price€13,20
Beautiful and practical olive wood soap dish Beautiful and practical olive wood soap dish (top view)
Beautiful Olive Wood Soap Dish
Sale priceFrom €6,10
Sold out
Magnetic soap holder (olive wood) - small Magnetic soap holder (olive wood) - small
Guest towel; Face cloth 3 face cloth staked on top of each other
Loofah Shower Glove Loofah Shower Glove
The Lovely Loofah
Sale price€6,40
Sold out
Natural jute soap saver bag Natural jute soap saver bag
Natural Jute Soap Saver Bag
Sale priceFrom €3,90
Sold out
Magnetic soap holder (olive wood) - large Magnetic soap holder (olive wood) - large (bottom view)
Sold out
Soap dish (porcelan and olive wood) Soap dish (porcelan and olive wood); top view
Porcelain/Olive Wood Soap Dish
Sale price€12,50


About Bathroom Accessories

Find useful bathroom accessories at Studio Soap Fiori

When you buy skin and hair care products, it is nice to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible. With bathroom accessories from Studio Soap Fiori, you can give your bathroom a nice look and protect your skin and hair care.

Find soap dishes and soap pouches for your hand and body soap or shampoo and conditioner bars in our range, for example. You will also find magnetic soap holders in our range, for draining your soap. For travelling, we have handy travel soap dishes.

Our shower accessories are made of natural materials as much as possible and are therefore sustainable and environmentally aware.

Make your soap last longer with a soap dish or soap pouch

When you let your soap dry properly every time after use in, for instance, a soap dish, the soap will last longer. Perfect for when you have high-quality skincare products in your home! Check out the beautiful olive wood soap dish or the porcelain and olive wood soap dish, for example. It preserves the quality of your soap and looks great in the bathroom.

We also have special travel soap dishes for on holiday or a work trip, for example. This way you can carry your block soap conveniently, compactly and environmentally consciously while travelling. Carry Soap Studio Fiori's natural Jojoba lip balm with you and you're all set for the trip!

Using a soap pouch is also a bathroom must-have. Besides allowing the soap to dry out, it also catches all the soap residue and you can even use the block soap down to the last bit.

Give a bathroom accessory as a gift!

Our shower accessories are real bestsellers and popular in the shop. This makes our bathroom accessories the perfect gift to give. For example, give a "skincare accessory kit", in which you give a soap bag, soap holder and soap dish as a gift.

To complete the gift, you can complement it with a natural soap, shampoo or conditioner bar. Give a shower accessory as a birthday present or Mother's Day gift to put a loved one in the limelight!

✓ Skin-enhancing

✓ Handmade in the Netherlands

✓ Use of high-quality ingredients

✓ Natural ingredients, vegan and eco-friendly

✓ Free delivery from €40 in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany