Loofah Shower Glove
Loofah Shower Glove
Loofah Shower Glove (back side)
Loofah Shower Glove (front side)

Soap Studio Fiori

The Lovely Loofah

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Pickup available at Pastoor Schelstraeteweg 19, 6525SZ Nijmegen Usually ready in 2-4 days

The Lovely Loofah

Pastoor Schelstraeteweg 19, 6525SZ Nijmegen

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

Pastoor Schelstraeteweg 19
6525 SZ Nijmegen



Soap Studio Fiori

Pastoor Schelstraeteweg 19

6526SZ Nijmegen

The Netherlands

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This double-sided Loofah shower glove provides for a comfortable body wash. Made from 100% vegetable fibres, the vegetable loofah sponge is an ideal accessory to gently exfoliate the skin. It rids the skin of dead cells.

The strong fibres of the loofah plant are capable to absorb a lot of water and becomes flexible when wet. Loofah is recognized as the best exfoliant in the world. Its flexible and soft so as not to irritate the skin and firm for an invigorating and effective massage.

Regular use of the loofah vegetable sponge, in the bath or in the shower, cleans the pores and allows better absorption of moisturizers.

Young, more radiant skin cells are thus better exposed and well oxygenated.

Regular massage firms the skin, promotes the elimination of toxins and acts against cellulite by micro-circulatory drainage effect.


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