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Welcome! So happy you are here!

I am Susanne Steinberg, the founder and owner of Soap Studio Fiori.

I am a soap maker and specialize in the traditional and cold-process soap production using plant-based oils/butters to developing luxurious, rich soap and bathing products for women and men - to make washing your hands and body a moment of joy.

Each soap is beautifully designed and based on the perfect combination of 100% plant oils/butters to create moisturizing and nourishing soap bars for your skin.

Our soaps come in a wide range of different fragrances and colours that will turn every time you use the soap into a splendid bathing experience.

Above all: using soap bars are environmentally friendly and help reduce (plastic) waste in the bathroom! 

Unique, handmade soap looking like a sunflower made in The Netherlands by Soap Studio Fiori

How did it all start?

Soap making ……… somewhere on a Greek island during a visit of a century old soapery many years ago I saw for the first time how hard soap is made. I put it out of my mind for many years to come. All that time, I never thought about it again.

Fast forward a few years, I was reading about a soap maker in a magazine in Austria which sparked my interest and brought back the memory of the visit to the soap maker in Greece. The fragrance and colours were wonderful!

Fast forward a few more years, I have become a soap maker myself.

The soap making process is fascinating: Not alone the fact that it is a century old process passed on from generation to generation using a variety of ingredients. More importantly the combination of science and art when used in the right way can lead to the creation of beautifully unique soap bars beneficial for the skin.

Scientific knowledge of the ingredients is needed to reach the perfect characteristics and properties of the soap bars. This together with a creative use a variety of colours, essential oils and fragrance, herbs, seeds etc. provides endless options to create uniquely stunning soap bars.  

I am sure you will appreciate our handcrafted soaps – every single one of them. They are handmade  in our soap studio located Nijmegen, the Netherlands with much love and attention to detail and with the finest skin-loving ingredients based on expert level soap making knowledge and many years of experience.