Soap dish (porcelan and olive wood)
Soap dish (porcelan and olive wood); top view
Soap dish (porcelan and olive wood); side view
Soap dish (porcelan and olive wood); bottom view
Soap dish (porcelan and olive wood); view of velcro connection between porcelan and olive wood)
Soap dish (porcelan and olive wood); with a sopa

Soap Studio Fiori

Porcelain/Olive Wood Soap Dish

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Porcelain/Olive Wood Soap Dish

Pastoor Schelstraeteweg 19, 6525SZ Nijmegen

Pickup currently unavailable

Pastoor Schelstraeteweg 19
6525 SZ Nijmegen



Soap Studio Fiori

Pastoor Schelstraeteweg 19

6526SZ Nijmegen

The Netherlands

+31 (0)611838251


A bar of soap never looked better than in this soap dish: a soap dish made of an elegant and well-shaped porcelain plate on an olive wood pedestal!

Truly a noble and elegant porcelain-olive wood soap dish combination. 

The porcelain soap dish and the olive wood base are invisibly connected with a Velcro and therefore very easy to clean!

Length approx. 14 cm
Width approx. 7 cm
Height approx. 4 cm

Care instructions:
• Clean olive wood products with a soft sponge, warm water and some detergent (never leave in hot water), then dry with a kitchen towel.
• It is best to rub the olive wood lightly with a few drops of olive oil (or cooking oil) immediately after purchase and then from time to time after cleaning, so that the olive wood does not dry out and retains its beautiful grain. Exception painted back scratches.
• Please never wash olive wood products in the dishwasher, leave them in the rinsing water or permanently expose them to the heat. The olive wood could tear and become very unsightly.

Note: Soaps with certain ingredients may react with the tannic acid naturally contained in olive wood. This is comparable to a sliced apple that turns brown in the air. After a short time, the tannic acid is washed out and this phenomenon disappears completely. Some soaps don't show up at all.

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