Natural jute soap saver bag
Natural jute soap saver bag
Natural jute soap saver bag
Natural jute soap saver bag with a soap
Natural jute soap saver bag
Natural jute soap saver bag (how to wash your face)
Natural jute soap saver bag (used in the shower)
Natural jute soap saver bag (shaving  legs)

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Natural Jute Soap Saver Bag

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Natural Jute Soap Saver Bag


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Natural, durable and eco-friendly 100% Jute Soap Bags (single or set of 3)!

Jute is a natural fibte. It has its name from the plant that it is derived from, also known as "burlap"  and it is actually one of the most common fabrics around, only second to cotton!

Only non-treated, high quality jute fibres are used in the production of these soap saver bags which makes them especially appropriate when used on your skin.


Why these Jute Soap Bags?

Reason #1: Eco- and skin-friendly

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and plastic-free solution to use your solid soaps to the last rest?

Then you just found what you were looking for!

The robust and durable soap bags are made of particularly skin-friendly jute fibres and are therefore ideally suited for soaping in the shower or bathtub.

The pure natural product gives you a good skin feeling and takes you one step closer to the Zero Waste Bathroom.

Reason #2: Gentle peeling for sensitive skin

Why jute? Due to its properties, the natural fibre offers many advantages, which one sometimes searches for in vain with other materials. Thus, the fiber is completely biodegradable in only 1-2 growing seasons and 100% compostable. In addition, jute fibres are characterized by extreme tear resistance and stability. 

Facial care: Due to their skin-friendly properties, the jute soap bags are ideal for daily facial care. Simply foam well under water and then massage the face slightly. This also stimulates collagen production.

Comfortable Shaving: The soap bags produce a wonderfully creamy foam that provides a thorough and comfortable shave. 
Thanks to the rough surface, ingrown hairs are reduced with regular use.

Shower and Bath Sponge: Just put your soap leftovers in the jute soap bag and you'll have a shower and bath sponge.

After use, we recommend washing out the soap bag and hanging it well ventilated on the cotton cord for drying.

  • Made from natural jute fiber
  • Particularly practical folding closure
  • Gentle & skin-friendly body scrub
  • Creamy & soft foam
  • Plastic-free repackaging

Measurements: 9 x 12 cm

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